So i had problems with my small dragon tree about a week ago, It was 3 canes tied together that i got in Walmart like 3 years ago it was fine ever sense but i think i might've over water it like 2 weeks ago because the the 2 canes had new growth at first than it turn into pale than it just droop over and felt soft...

The 2 canes lost all its leaves and the canes itself started to go soft from the top down..

One of them was ok So i took it out of the pot and inspected the roots and the root ball was damp still and i didn't water it for over a week...

And the roots on one cane was very soft and pretty much dead.. And the 2 others was ok had thick white roots, So i untied all the roots cause they was together and planted 1 in the same pot with new dirt the one that's doing good still.

And the 2nd one with some soft and no leaves in another pot, And i didn't water over a week now.

The one with leaves is doing ok still but its getting some pale growth and also has brown tips i ony mist the dirt after i repot it, has no soft spots on the cane tho.

does it need water and Should i water it now? I wanted to make sure the dirt was dry as it can be so i put my figure down in the dirt and i feel not wetness but the further i go down it feels cooler, So yea im not sure if it needs water or i should not water it for a week or 2 more...

The 2nd one with no leaves and a little soft on the cane on top as you can see by the pics were i circle it is not showing any growth but is not getting any softer, And i was wondering should i just cut that soft part off? i mean its soft but very soft.

The 3rd one im just leaving it out of dirt drying up but i think its a lost hope...

I really don't want to loose them well mainly the one that's fully living still.

Now i also have a Dracaena that i took from a office which was being neglected, got it on 2010 and it was doing well but got very tall and it is now about 9 foot and trying to push threw the ceiling tile... i posted a pic of the top as you can see its still growing but it is looking a bit bad because i think were its at.

It hardy gets light which is probably the whole problem but that's the ony place i can put it cause its to tall and i have it slanted also.. And i was wondering sense its already july can i cut the top off and reroot it and will the bottom truck part survive after that and start growing also? and were would

i need to cut at do i cut the whole stick off the trunk or just a few inches down from the top?

let me know if thoes pics are ok i figured i just copy the link of the pics i posted from forums.gardenwen.