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#11107 December 31st, 2003 at 06:34 PM
Joined: Dec 2003
marissa Offline OP
Junior Member
OP Offline
Junior Member
Joined: Dec 2003
im thinking of starting some seedlings indoors and then planting them outside but what i really need to know is how can i prepare my available space to be a productive garden
it's hard and somtimes muddy and weeds all over
please tell me what i can do!

#11108 December 31st, 2003 at 09:51 PM
Joined: Apr 2003
Compost Queen!
Compost Queen!
Joined: Apr 2003

I'm not too much in to starting your own seeds,
I do know that Nikkal starts alot of her own seeds,
and so does Njoynit, they might slide through
and give you a bit of advise on that!!!!!

If you are able to have a person come
and till your soil have them do that..............

If you are like me, when I first started,
(when I was very young.) I had no one to do that for me,
so I had to improvise...
I also had no money to do any of this.....
so, I did what mother nature does to prepare
her soil with a little extra help!!!!!
I will first do an eyeballing of where to grow my flowers, sunshine is very important to them so you want to watch your yard as much as possible to see what times it gets sun, shade, or both....
Each different times of the day provide different types of flowers their amount of sunshine, your basic annual I'd say needs about 6 hours of sun???
(Give or take)....
I then just layed card board and/or newspaper on the ground/grass... I also would take leaf mould *chopped up leaves* and compost and horse/rabbit manure, any manure should do, even a boughten bag of it at a local hardware or Wal~Mart store will do. I layer it, first a bit of compost on top of dirt or grass, gives the worms food right of the bat, then layer the newspaper, cow manure, compost, card board, leaves, just put a nice layer down good amount of depth and then let mother nature do her work, but it does take at least a few seasons to work.... Now this is time consuming but if you're patient and not so rich and this is a good way to go, and one of the most important rules you can learn from gardening is that you have to start with a good base *(dirt) or your plants will not thrive as well as they could. If you start that method one spring and wait until the next spring you will have the most gorgeous dirt you will ever see....The worms will have done alot of your work for you.....

If you can't wait that long, your best bet is to be able to till it up and or at least take the top layer of dirt off the ground which is usually were the grass and it's roots are. 2" to 3"...
If you can get that off, it elimanates alot of weeds and their seeds...after you've taken off the grass, work the soil underneath and get it all loose, then throw in some bags of compost,
cow manure, topsoil and mix it around............
plant and add mulch to the top layer to prevent weed seeds from the top to germenate.

Now, if you want to have a garden immediately, do what I said to do on top with all the compost and newspapers, cardboard, manure, etc... Give that time to work the area, then if you really want to garden NOW< go out and get your self so pots, all different sizes and shapes, keep it small at first and simple, don't get so much that you are over whelmed by too many pots, plants and watering, etc. But place all of those pots on top of the compost and such, and nestle them into the top layer of what you put down...Then you have your instant garden and you have your future garden working underneath and preparing for you..

Let us know if you need more help, always happy to do so.....
And I'm sure the other girls will be along to help you with the seeds.....
Good luck and KEEP US posted on how you're doing and what you're doing... we are always interested in what you did, how you did, and what idea's you came up with.. Helps other people just like you too the next time someone comes through...........

The first thing I can tell you is....
To be patient!!!!

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