Today, puttering around with my garden projects, there were at least five robins hanging out on the south lot where I was working. They are very tame birds, these particular robins - they often come very close to me. Hoping for food,, I guess.

I went inside and got my digital - also the peanut butter to attract the birds to 'certain' places. The tree circle I've been working on the past few days, for one thing . . .

But no such luck - the birds did not return. And I might have known - what I attracted was a very hungry squirrel who could not resist the scent of that peanut butter.

Most animals love it - even if they don't eat it, you can attract them by putting a dab on a tree limb or wherever you want the creature to pose.

I had some peanut butter on one of the black rocks from the circle. I put the watering can there too - just for looks, figuring the robin would perch on the rock and peck at the peanut butter.

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This is what the critter thinks of my watering can . . .

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The peanut butter, however, is highly recommended.

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But this lovely little social event was quickly broken up . . . along came Skitter who cleared everybody outta' there, squirrels and birds:

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