Last night was the new moon. I got all my seedlings planted on St. Patty's day and yesterday. New moon gravity is supposed to have a balanced pull on both leaf and root growth. Remember that plants and groundwater ebb and swell like the ocean. I don't think moon planting is bologna and I am starting to pay attention to it whereas I didn't before.
If you plan on planting seeds, now would be the time, although yesterday was supposedly the best.
(Full moons I have read are best for root growth.)
Oh also, in biology class we grew plants and seedlings in lightless places for short periods to see if they would right themselves when turned on their sides. The plants did add more cells to the opposing side causing upward curvature and the determination was gravity.
So: moon affects gravity & gravity affects growth
There's more to it, but it's worth it to heed the old sage advice if you ask me.