Community Guidelines
I. Accurate Information
· Posting of any material which is knowingly false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, otherwise violates any law will not be allowed.
· Topics which may tend to lead into serious, heated debates will not be allowed.
· We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any posts on this forum. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages!
· We reserve the absolute right to edit or delete any message for any reason whatsoever.

II. Links
· Posting of web site addresses will be limited to the members home page and/or photo storage sites and links to specific web pages if they contain information pertinent to the topic discussed and that information is not available on this site. Links to valuable, educational sites will also be allowed.
· Attempts to use this forum to advance or promote commercial websites will not be tolerated.

III. Private Messaging
· The use of our Private Messaging system (PMs) is a revokable privilege.
· Any use of this system to harass, intimidate, embarrass, conspire or entice will result in the loss of this privilege or removal of your forum membership.
· If you are, or suspect you are being harassed, or see an abuse of the system please contact our staff immediately here; please do NOT retaliate or take any form of offensive action.

IV. Media
· Where we request that users post photos directly to our forums in either a Gallery or as Attachments in a non-Gallery Forum (for HTTPS validity), photos or slide shows which are stored on another server (such as Photobucket) may be posted here provided that you are the legal owner.
· Embedded videos and links to videos (from sources such as YouTube or Vimeo) may be subject to review.
· Any topic posted with inappropriate videos or slide show materials will be IMMEDIATELY deleted without explanation. Repeated infractions could result in further action, such as suspension or termination of your account.

V. Signature Images
· Images are allowed in your signature; to maintain a clean look to the forum pages we recommend an image sizes no larger than up to 100x100 pixels. Excessively animated images will be removed without explanation.

VI. Security
· For your own security, do not post your home or e-mail address, phone number or other personal information in the open forum; use the Private Messaging system! If we see this information on here, we will promptly remove it without notice.

VII. Membership
· Membership at A Gardeners Forum and the use of its services are privileges, not rights. Violation of the forums rules may result in loss of some privileges or your permanent removal from the site.

VIII. Staff
· The staff of A Gardeners Forum are here to ensure that the rules are adhered to and that everyone is treated fairly, and with respect; if you receive a message or warning from one of our staff, please take it seriously!

IX. Ownership and Posting Rights
· Users retain full ownership of the content of their posts, however by posting you grant A Gardeners Forum full, exclusive, unrevokable, usage rights to any and all posted content.
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