so, most of you are familiar with my mother mouse posts, and if you aren't here's your first one.

the rules, loosely stated, say that signature lines can have graphics and quotes, however, the graphics can be no larger than your signature button, and the total size of the line(s) can be no more than 2 lines of type.

what this means right now, is that with the holiday season upon us, some very cute graphics are coming out, but most of them are really too large for signature lines. please be considerate of others.

if you are unsure of your signature line, pm me, i'll be happy to review it, and if necessary, rearrange it for you so that you can fit all you want on there (your photo sharing links, quotes, graphics, ect.)

we (the administration) also reserves the rights to a) decide that an animated graphic is too "busy" (moves too fast or in a strange way) and request that you remove it; b) remove, rearrange, or edit signature lines as needed; and c)approve, tolerate, or further address signature lines that are not in "specs" but we feel are appropriate.

an example of this last item is for "tickers". mostly those that are approved have to do with specific dates, etc. such as weddidngs, homecomings, and pregnancy due dates. again, if in doubt, ask one of us.

and of course, you can always reply to this topic.

finally, i'm making this global for about a week, then you will find this post in member benefits because the signature lines are just that, a benefit.