I am growing 3 varieties of pumpkins currently. They are still indoors, started from seed and getting ready to go out (fingers crossed). They had been thriving. Only watered when top soil dried out and a few inches down was not quite moist, well draining soil with manure, lots of light, steady temperature and some tomato food fertilizer every few weeks (7-11-17). Gave them standard watering and fertilizer one night. By noon the next day I noticed the side of one leaf had literally gone limp at a 90 degree angle. The soil definitely wasn't saturated. The section turned light green, felt moist not dry and by the next day had shriveled up and dried up brown. Other leaves on the plant had their outside edge go from flat to a kind of wavy pattern and the tips feel dried out. This kind of withering, wavy dried out issue started happening to random leaves on other plants, some tips turned yellow, but not all. From research I don't see any signs of diseases or bugs. Letting the soil dry a good amount has had no effect on slowing or stopping the decline. I am terrified to do anything because the symptoms could be a result of polar opposites (too much/little water, not enough nutrients/too much fertilizer). I am in desperate need of advice as I am new to gardening and can't stand to see all that work go down the drain.