ok, i have identified a plant a friend gave as a gift and its this one

Impatiens balsamina, balsam flower

came in a potted plant combo ( it included - margarita dracena ; 2 green ones and one multi color / a small pothos branch and the Impatiens balsamina as seen on the pic , well would like to know if the mpatiens balsamina is suitable for indoors ( air condition office around 68 F and fluorecent lights at ceiling, have reading about the plant and seems it doesnt like cold ambients ; by the way the leaves are turing brown at the edges and starting the wrinkle a bit and the flowers have sort of dried out , could it be the temp or the soil in the pot it came that as my friend told me the potted combo was out on her house and recived all the rain and sun and as to her it looked nice outside would look nice in the office ( when it arrived it was nice looking but as 2 weeks have passed the plant is not good looking : ( , should i take the impatiens balsamina out of the potted combo and take it to my garden ( sun, garden soil , rain ) to rescue it from the office ambient or is it that its getting used to its new ambient ???? , and by the way it has been around 2 weeks since she gave me it and the soil still feels wet , not soggy wet but much more than moist : ( , so what would you recomend me taking all the soil out and put in fresh new soil and water it as it should be ????

cause have read the margarita dracenas like the soil to be mostly on the dry side as the rubber plants, and some yellow leaves have fallen from the outer part of the margarita plant , so would like your sugestions , advices and recomendations, thanks in adavanced