ok i have trouble sleeping. and waking up with nose bleeds from the room being so dry. so i bought two humidifiers and that helped the nose problem. now having plants in the room helps the oxygen level. now the questions i have is i want to get ivys to grown completely across my ceiling in my room and down the walls i dont want to be able to see the ceiling at all. nor do i want to be able to see the wire the Ivy is growing on. as of now i am experimenting and have the Ivy in a 30 gallon fish aquarium with about an inch of water in it i have holes in the bottom of the pot witch is keeping the soil at the top of the pot moist it is not flooding it. my questions are how to i get the Ivy to grow thick and so big inside the house and what is the best way to grow this Ivy at a fast pace? i have a 65 watt plant light on the plant. also was wondering the hours of light it needs and i did notice that the plant was turning the bottoms of the leaves towards the light.if anyone knows how to acomplish what i want and has any ideas on how to do this better anything would be appreciated. no offense will be taken if im doing something wrong already just started this two days ago.