hey guys im new to this forum, my name is Jordan im 17years young :) and love plants! so winter is coming cant do much more in the garden which is a downer but did all the final things to get it ready.

So now i want to bring a garden indoors, with a carpet not grass haha. i would like a list off non toxic plants as i have a budgie that likes to sit on my yucca's and if she was to ever nibble a toxic plant i dont want a dead budgie.

I would like to know some good climbers im willing to dedicate a wall for a climbing plant im not to keen on the non toxic ivys they just look abit plain, i want something with abit of jungle feel to it as this room is going to be mainly jungle plants/tropical.

Im looking for climbers/vines.
trees for the corners
some to go in a hanging basket maybe?

This is all going to be for a new room dedicated to jungle plants and of course my budgie haha who amazingly dont chew the plants but all avoiding toxic plants for safe messure.

so will be greatfull for all your help and any ideas you can suggest
many thanks,Jordan :)