Hi, newbie here - I'm not great with plants, which is why I got a succulent (an alligator plant/mother of thousands/devil's backbone) as my latest attempt at something I might keep alive. It was doing great in Austin, TX in indirect sunlight with weekly waterings (it's in a small pot, sandy mix, good drainage - or I should say *they* are, since the pot has two little adult plants and a bunch of babies). Then I drove up to Colorado with it in the back of the car, and all the leaves have fallen off the smaller of the two adult plants, leaving only a stem (but one that's still green and not brittle). The larger plant is starting to follow suit: the top leaves with the babies on them have shriveled up, and leaves are falling off all down the stem. I haven't noticed any change in the babies.

I know it's a lot drier here, and that the heat of the car ride probably contributed to dehydration - and it's not wilting; the leaves get crispy and/or fall off, rather than going limp. What I don't know is how to tell how much to water the thing to hopefully revive the plants without drowning them (...please tell me I might be able to revive the plants D:), since I'm told the danger with these plants is often the impulse to over-water. Also, I'm off on another road trip to my summer residence early next week and plan to take the plant with me - is there a way I can better prepare it for travel this time and in the future? I could also probably leave it here with family for the summer if moving again would shock it to death.

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