3 years ago I planted my 6, 1 year old kiwi on a 10 degree slope down hill from my house drainfeild.. the lawn does WAY to well here but my kiwi plants grow like crazy only until it gets hot , say july and august. then the growth slows down and about half the old groth leaves curl and turn brown - almost dieing. new leaf grown is still active, but not like the spring. the ground is not wet but is deffinately not dry. some plants are 6 feet tall with a few laterals, some are 8 feet (to the top trellace bar) and have two feet horizontal growth. two flowers last year none this year. could they be getting to much of something like phosphates from the drainfeild? from the reading I do, my kiwi should be a jungle by now. what do thers think. live in nanaimo, vancouver island