I've got 11 tropical plants and need some help from you experts! Please bear with me as this is a long post :( I think it's better to just open one thread rather than many to save everyone some time and headache!

Some additional info: the room they are in receives lots of lights, both indirect natural and from like 20+ pot lights and a large floor lamp. The ceiling isn't so high (around 6.5 ft, so the lights aren't so far up). I keep most of them on the windowsills for a good part of the day for some extra natural light, then move them from there in early evening. Is using Miracle Gro all-purpose water soluble fertilizer OK (except the orchids. I think I'll go for some Plant Prod Orchid food)? Also, the room is at 25.5 C. In the winter, it goes up (obviously) when the heat is on.


1 large Phal orchid (just finished blooming last night. I've cut the spikes all the way to the base. After blooming for 6 months, I guess it deserves a rest!)

2 mini Phal orchids (All orchids were purchased together and were in bloom. These dropped flowers after a week of purchasing and have been dormant since).

Questions: All 3 receives weekly water and are currently sitting on a South-facing windowsill. Will this make them bloom? (like stated before, I'm fine with the large one being dormant. I want the minis to bloom! I've had these orchids for a while. The rest of the tropicals came home a few days ago)..

1 Bleeding Philodendron

Question: Should I mist the plant? If so, how often? Currently the plant sits on top of a pebbled bowl with little water for humidity. Is that alright and good enough? I got hard water and absolutely hate the stains it leaves behind on my plants :( What is a natural way to get rid off these? I tied both lemon and vinegar mixed with water, but I'm kinda concerned about the acidity...so wondering whether there is a better solution!

1 Rhoeo Discolour

Question: What's the best care for this succulent? Is once a week watering OK?

1 Dieffenbachia

Question: How often should I water and mist? Does it need a humidity tray/bowl?

1 Croton

Question: What's the proper care? Every care card that came with all these plants say the same thing "Full/partial shade and keep soil evenly moisturized". But I know each plant is different :S

1 Curcuma Alismatifolia - white (non-edible ginger from Thailand)

Question: How to prevent/cure brown tips and leaf tearing? Showing very early signs of these. Also, how often should I water/feed? This is the one I keep outdoors and bring inside during late afternoon

1 Peacock Plant

Question: It's a plant I've never heard of, let alone see and Google doesn't really show much. I keep it on the windowsill during the day with the rest. As per the info I found, I keep it on a pebbled water bowl and mist it everyday. However, not sure if I really should, as the leaves seem quite delicate :S Is it getting proper care?

1 Gerbera Daisy (mix)

Question: How many times should I water it weekly? I know it needs lots of lights, so up it goes on the windowsill, then comes back down on to the kitchen peninsula with the Philodendron and the Arabian Jasmine (which I have no concern about, as I had it for a while and is doing great!).

That's it! I hope I haven't driven anyone nuts :( Also, is using lemon juice or vinegar + water is the absolute best way to clean hard water spots off leaves or there is a better way? (kinda concerned about the acids on leaves).

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