I have three apple seedlings. I planted them about two weeks ago from sprouted seeds I pulled from apple cores.

These apples get indirect sunlight from a southwest facing window. Before, they were thriving on my porch. I moved them in about a week ago because there were very strong winds, and I haven't been bothered to move them out.

I didn't water them for about two days. I noticed two of them weren't doing so well, though. One is completely fine, it's perky and healthy. However my other two aren't so well off.

I can't provide pictures, but I can describe what's wrong.
The seedlings are wilted. The leaves are drooping, and there's browning on the stalks. None of the leaves have actually fallen off. I've watered them, but they are showing no improvement.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any advice, please tell me.