I got rose saplings from my friend, she is a good gardener, she has a large variety of flowers in her garden. She makes flower bouquet and sells to the neighborhoods and she has regular customers. Last month, she gave me a rose sapling when I visited her. The sapling is 1-month-old, it is 2 cm now. But my friend told that it will grow minimum 5cm within a month. I have followed the procedures she told me about planting and followed up all the procedures. I don't understand why my plant is growing slow. She is using a garden bed, I wonder whether it might be the reason for the fast growth. I even read an article http://inthebackyard.ca/garden-beds-beneficial/ saying that it can produce more yields. I am thinking about transplanting my rose plant onto a garden bed. Hope that it might give better results. Little worried about the transplantation, how can I transplant the rose safely? Need your suggestions.