I am planning for a garden-project in my office. I need a garden that includes a variety of seasonal plants and a mini landscape. I hired landscaping services from Mississauga and they told me that it is possible to set a landscape in my office area. They shared landscape ideas and I fixed one design.
I don't have a large area to set all my needs. So my intention is to set a small garden and a beautiful landscape in an attractive style. I need garden plants and corresponding accessories that make the area according to my needs. I need to include some plants which make my customers attractive so that it will create an eco-friendly atmosphere. Last day I bought some indoor plants that really suites my working table. I had done a research on indoor plants and bought some plants from the nursery. At the time of purchasing, I saw some orchids and local plants. I think orchids will be a better option. They don't need too much attention. I need a garden plan or ideas that will be suitable for a small front portion of my office.