Hello, I wanted to know what security measures have you taken to protect your garden?
I am planning to upgrade my security and keep my garden more secure. I just have a 5 feet wall bordering my garden and 2 access doors to it. One can easily climb the wall and get into my garden and that is something to worry about. I and my husband go for work during the daytime and there's no one in the house. So we have decided to take some measures to protect the garden. I am planning to install security cameras along with motion sensors so that I get to know if anyone enters the garden. I am also planning to put a fence above the wall so that there won't be any trespassers. Is there anything else I need to do to keep my garden secure?
The reason why I am upgrading is, we are new to this place and I see many people passing by my house. So I thought it is better to take prevention before, rather than after someone decides to harm my garden.