We just applied a rather large forum upgrade, so please excuse the mess as the dust settles. If you find anything that doesn't seem to look right, please let us know.

Changes that you may notice:
- Login using Email Address or Login Name.
- Automatic image orientation fixes for post attachments.
- Option to simplify downloading of attached/gallery images.
- ShoutChat intro for comment guidelines.
- Improved Error & Not Found pages, now with search box.
- Cleanup of templates, CSS files, and UBB JavaScript files.

- Attached images can now be embedded directly in to posts.
- Social Profiles have been added.
- Portal News Body Image (News Block).
- Portal and Active Topics pages now have an Expander toggle.
- Identicons for members without avatars or anonymous users.
- Lookup Services are now customizable.
- Saved SQL Commands can now be edited.
- Improved Follow/UnFollow toggle icons.
- Post List now shows more post details on mobiles.
- Many updates to post_side and post_top pages.
- Text editor will now grow to the entire size of a post
- URL Host for links to external URLs can now be displayed.
- Breadcrumb not wrapping issue has been fixed.
- New UBBT77-Dark style is now included.
- Cleanup of several scripts, templates, CSS files, and UBB JavaScript files.

[UPDATE] New Reply notifications now display the forum category name in which the reply was made to.
[UPDATE] Reformatted and optimized all CSS files.
[FIX] Fixed email notification where sometimes the salutation would be missing the member name.
[FIX] Fixed display of the Referrer icon (arrow) next to the Member name on the Whos Online page. It now correctly displays only when the referrer is different than your forum's domain.

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