Have you ever had an issue with your peperomia, especially your caperata, dropping leaves after watering? I've had mine about 2 months and the first month it did pretty well other than losing some flowers, but this month it's been giving me a run for my money.

I've got it in an East facing window so I'm not super concerned about light but could switch it to a south window if need be.

I've even switched to bottom watering (I leave it in a tray of water for about 10-15 minutes until the soil seems moist towards the top) and I am getting new growth (3-4 new leaves; 2-3 potentials budding from the root) but it drops 2-3 leaves every time I water it and I'm sure that the soil is dry. At this point I do a finger test and a moisture meter along with letting the leaves get a bit droopy out of fear that I am overwatering. I even pulled it out of the pot last week and the roots look great and it didn't seem overly saturated, nor did it seem bone dry. Do I need to change out the soil to something different? It's in its' nursery pot and seemed very happy when I received it and the soil seems to have a decent amount (20-30% at least) pumice and bark. I'm at a loss!

(also the leaves have now tended to bow towards the stem, but that could be from underwatering a touch)