I've recently uploaded a 55 minute 'Do it this way' video to YouTube that will teach you how to make this simple plant hanger on a workmate, in your living room with a minimum number of traditional hand woodworking tools. The project was designed for complete beginners to woodworking and I've taught it on my weekend woodwork classes so I know you'll be able to make it! I really hope you'll give it a go.

I understand that newbies posting links on forums makes people jumpy but I offer this with no ulterior motive but simply because I think you might enjoy giving, quiet, contemplative woodwork a go and that you will enjoy and use the product if you do. If you search for 'Beginner woodworking Project 1 - Plant Hanger' on YouTube you should find it. I hope you find the video useful and good luck with the making if you decide to give woodworking a try based on what you'll see!

How to make a wooden Plant Hanger in your living room

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