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August 2016 - Front End Update · Blog

In the coming weeks we'll be applying updates to the main site (not the forum) which can break several sections; we're aware that certain areas may not even work until the update has been completed.

We will keep you informed as the near completion of these updates; for up to date changes please see the Facebook Notification of this update.

8/27 @ 10 PM: I have got most of the "Front End" (what you, the user sees) done, the only lingering portions are sections that we don't use yet, so it's not a big deal for the time being. I still have some of the admin side of things to take care of; but everything that concerns how the site is seen is currently complete.
8/26 @ 2 PM: A lingering issue has been fixed on the forums from the upgrade; I neglected to update a small section of coding for SSL support (security). This has been fixed and the forums are now fully SSL capable.
8/26 @ 1 AM: Any forum hiccups should be out of the way now that the style sheets and integration files have been updated. Several site sections are currently not working (exchange, identification, recipe, story, zone index), and others untested. I'll have more time this afternoon to test the rest of the upgraded systems as well as rewrite the old sections that need moved to the new coding.
8/25 @ 10.30 PM: There may be a momentary hiccup on the forums while we upload the new site template and stylesheets; it should be momentary.
8/25 @ 4.45 PM: Expect things to actually start being broken as of 4pm PDT today as I begin updating the databases on the main site; the forums will continue working through the site updates.
Posted By Gremelin Posted on August 19th, 2016 · Updated on August 27th, 2016

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